The Ecofin Sustainable Water Fund invests in companies across the globe and throughout the water cycle that we believe are positioned to benefit from the pursuit to solve the water supply/ demand imbalance. We believe these companies are essential in connecting water supply with areas of demand, solving water scarcity and quality issues to improve health, human safety and environment.

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The Ecofin Sustainable Water Fund invests in companies across the globe and throughout the water cycle that we believe are positioned to benefit from the pursuit to solve the water supply/ demand imbalance. We believe these companies are essential in connecting water supply with areas of demand, solving water scarcity and quality issues to improve health, human safety and environment.

Investment Opportunity

  • Compelling market opportunity as water emerges as an asset class
  • Significant investment opportunity in water infrastructure and technology driving attractive total
    return potential
  • Growing universe with increased capital market activity highlighting value of water businesses
  • Long runway of growth opportunities arising from global water supply/demand imbalance
  • Impact investment as water is an essential asset that drives economic growth and social sustainability
  • Diversification benefits with low correlation to equities

Technology Focus

We believe technology will play a key role in the transformation of the water sector

  • Higher-end technologies expected to continue to command premium multiples over commoditized offerings due to growth opportunities and barriers to entry
  • Higher-end technologies include smart water networks, desalination, treatment, filtration and testing
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Fund Details

As of 2/28/2023

Total Assets

$2.1 million


Total return


Our investment contribute positively to the environment, society and economy by investing in companies that supply water and treat wastewater, as well as investing in water/wastewater infrastructure and technology

>2.5 billion

people served by water and wastewater services

$6.5 billion

invested in water infrastructure and technology

> 16 trillion

gallons of water and wastewater treated and distributed

>2.6 trillion

gallons of water saved or reused (equivalent to 7 New York Cities)

As of 3/31/2022 Source: company filings and

This strategy seeks to achieve positive impacts that align with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals*





About Ecofin

Ecofin is a sustainable investment firm with roots dating to the 1990s and a global footprint with offices in the U.S. and UK. Our core belief is we can deliver strong risk-adjusted returns and create a healthier planet and society. Our strategies offer global solutions in private and public securities that address global challenges in climate action, water and social impact. Through these strategies we seek to achieve positive impacts that align with UN Sustainable Development Goals and are accessible through a variety of vehicles.



As of 2/28/2023

Top 10 Holdings *

As of 2/28/2023
Company % of Total
Veolia Environnment S.A. VIE FP
Xylem, Inc. XYL
Essential Utilities, Inc. WTRG
American Water Works Company, Inc. AWK
Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. WMS
Company % of Total
China Water Affairs Group Ltd 855 HK
Danaher Corporation DHR
Stantec Inc. STN CN
IDEX Corporation IEX

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A Class AQUAX 5/25/2023 5/24/2023 5/25/2023 TBD
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